Buying a new home or property can be very exciting. We are here to help!


This website features COLORADO real estate properties for sale primarily in TELLER, PARK & EL PASO counties. Enjoy our broad database featuring TWO Multiple Listing Services (MLS) combined! Our inventory of houses, log homes, cabins, vacation properties, and mountain view property for sale is updated in real-time. We are serious about being your best resource!

With in-house 3D & 360 imaging cameras, video & aerial capabilities, we can give you the assistance needed to shop from anywhere in the world!

We are often asked, "Where should I start?" and "What is the best way to work with you?" We understand that deciding to purchase real estate is a process.  We have put together a general guide for the most effective shopping experience.  Please feel welcome to contact us with any degree of assistance you may require at any step along the way!  We look forward to assisting you.


We have identified THREE LEVELS of needed shopping assistance:



 Time to estimated purchase is over 90 days or undetermined.


Most early shopping is conducted online.  It is the time of initial investigation.  We have worked to provide great tools for you on this site to help you get started. 

  • DUAL MLS Real estate search portal for the broadest reach.
  • ADVANCED REAL ESTATE SEARCH Portal for the greatest filtering options.
  • UNIQUE PROPERTY SEARCHES Page for a collection of pre-filtered hard to find popular property searches which you can then further customize to effectively locate your target properties.



  Time to estimated purchase is within 90 days. 


As you determine you are in fact interested in purchasing, this is a great time to have us set up CUSTOM SEARCHES for you and perhaps set up some on-site visiting appointments.  We can also offer assistance in locating local financing resources and point you to professionals for budgeting assistance.

  • At this point we recommend spending a few days doing 'drive-by' scouting. This will help you to zero in on the areas that you find most appealing as well as cull out the unappealing.
  • Custom searches are more meaningful when focused on the areas you have vetted as desirable. As new listings enter the market that meet your criteria, you will be automatically notified.
  • We would love to set up a time to meet and tour the area with you.



  Time to estimated purchase is within 30 days.


The READY BUYER is actively searching properties in a particular area and ready to purchase when the a property match is located.  We can further assist you by being your eyes on the ground with additional photos, videos and 360 imaging of properties of interest at no charge to you.  This is especially helpful for shoppers which are shopping from out of the Colorado area.  Be sure to enroll in our free ADVANCED SCOUTING SERVICES.

To use our ADVANCED SCOUTING SERVICES, we request that you have formally selected us to be your buyer representative and have taken care of obtaining your preliminary letter of pre-qualification or proof of funds from your bank.  (This will be required when we submit any offers).